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Below you can view recent works (2015-2020) by abstract painter Myke Reilly. For information on commissioned artwork go here. To view current inventory please send requests to


Originally focused on sculpture and multi-media installation art, Reilly has turned his focus primarily to painting in recent years.  In Reilly's words "The process is appealing as it leaves me less encumbered by the weight and complexity of materials which can impede the immediate expression of my work. While I still enjoy creating sculpture I find the immediacy of painting very satisfying. While painting, my primary goal is to simply act as a channel for the creative impulse and witness it's emergence.

There is something exciting about the mystery that unfolds. I often know nothing about where a painting is coming from or where it is going. My practice it not to judge or interfere with the form that emerges but to care for and support it until it's completion. If I start to over analyze the process or control the outcome I impede the true expression which is neither contrived or manipulated.


“I usually don't recognize my own painting until the very last few minutes of it's creation. My job is to know when it is fully emerged and stop the process at exactly the right time. That is my job as a painter.”

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