Myke Reilly Paintings and Sculpture San Francisco


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Myke Reilly, an American abstract artist, was born in San Diego in 1961 and learned to paint under the guidance of his uncle, mid-century desert painter Jerry Reilly.   With his uncle's support and guidance Reilly became a prolific painter at a very young age and spent much of his childhood and teen years in front of his painters easel. 

In 1978, At the age of 16, Reilly moved to San Francisco where he attracted significant international success as a recording artist, sound designer, interior designer and digital media designer. He collaborated with many noted  artists of the period such as Rex RayTom Bonauro and Charly Brown in the genres of sculpture, film making, and electronic sound installations. His dynamic sense of color and sound translated well into all forms of media and was supported by San Francisco's exploding high technology movement.

At the age of 50, Reilly returned to the easel and created a stunning collection of bold and expressionistic modern abstract paintings which drew immediate attention from designers and collectors on the West Coast. He now lives between San Miguel De Allende and San Francisco dedicating his time and vision to creating large-scale paintings and interior murals.


Simon Breitbard Fine Arts in Jackson Square, San Francisco
Artist Statement

The way that I create my artwork is reflective of myself and the way I live my life. I strive for simplicity and minimalism. When I paint, I limit my materials to paint, sand, one or two brushes and a palette knife.  Working within these strict constraints is vital to my artistic focus.

My current paintings do seem to have a central theme. They all involve movement and gesture from a central point on the canvas, which emanates out into space. It is not a conscious decision in any way. I just feel that it’s an expression of my life right now. Everything is just moving out in the world, heading in new directions.

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